Supported rigs


Virtually, all Kenwood rigs are supported by Win-Test. They all use the same CAT command subset needed by Win-Test.

Kenwood rigs use by default :

Models successfully tested : TS 850S, TS 930S PIEXX (Tnx FM5BH), TS 940 S.
Note that the TS2000 is set at 9600-8-N-1 by default, but these settings can be changed to 4800-8-N-2 (see manual).


The CI-V mode must be disabled on these tranceivers.
The ICOM control protocol does not allow to know which is the active VFO. The bandmap window displays only the frequency of the VFO A (whatever VFO is active on the radio), and the VFO B is disabled, except for split operation.




Last update : 2005 june 06