Wordked gridsquares

Opens (or closes) the gridsquares window.

Gridsquares map

The gridsquares worked are in grey (current one in red) , and the red spots are the stations worked. Green spots are the stations in the BandMap if the locator has been found in the Database or extracted from the remark of DXCluster flow.

Put the cursor on the map to display locator, beaming and distance (about 2 sec delay). Needed callsign are also displayed for Green spot (BandMap).

If you put the cursor on a callsign of the DX-Cluster announcements (Alt-A), and if the locator is known (Database or Dxcluster flow) a Green spot flick on the map.

The window is resizable with the wheelmouse , the scale with CTRL + wheelmouse.

A right click allows to copy this window as an image in the clipboard, and display (or not) several informations about this map. At last, the "properties" menu will help you to modify several displaying parameters with the following dialog :

Gridsquares map properties


Last update : 2005 may 10