Windows / N + 1

Opens (or closes) the N + 1 window.

If this window is opened, and at least 3 characters captured in the callsign logging field, Win-Test looks in the master database for the callsigns differing from the mentionned string by one character.

This command also detects 2-character swap (dyslexia), as well as one missing character.

N + 1 window (Captured called : W5TQ)

If the callsign is not included in the master database, and has not been worked yet, it is considered as an [UNIQUE]. Otherwise, it is displayed in the first position.

N + 1 window (Captured call : K3KK)

The white callsigns are the stations not worked yet. The green ones are those worked on another band than the current one. The red italic ones are dupes.

This window is resizable.

Contextual menu


Last update : 2005 July 20