Windows / Radio

Opens (or closes) the radio window.

These resizable windows are also called BandMaps.

Radio window (Bandmap - List)

The frequencies of the 2 VFO are displayed. The active VFO has a yellow background.

2 display modes are available : BANDMAP or LIST

A summary is displayed at the bottom of the Bandmap, the following infos are available : Number of spots, Number of needed Qso's, Number of new countries, zones, and finally the total number of points available.

If Win-Test has a DX cluster connection, the bandmaps are automatically fed. The green callsigns are the new multipliers, the black ones are the new callsigns (not worked so far), and the dupes are in grey.

A double click on a callsign will automatically tune the radio on the spot frequency, and capture the callsign in the looging field. You just need to complete the QSO and press Return !

Contextual menu


Last update : 2005 Jul 23