Text commands

They must only be captured in the callsign logging field, and validated by pressing the Return or Enter keys.

Changing band or frequency

You can directly capture the band on which you want to be (as far as the contest rules permit !) : 160, 80, 40 ... 144, 432 .... 241G ! NB : For the frequencies below 30 MHz, enter the wavelength in meters (80 for 3.8 MHz, not 75). For the frequencies above 30 MHz and below 10 GHz, enter the frequency in MHz. Above (and including) 10 GHz, enter 10G (or 24G etc ....).

You can also directly type a frequency (en kHz) : for example 14234.4, 1843, 144300 etc ... If a radio is connected to your computer, it will jump to the desired frequency. Of course, all the Win-Test windows will be updated regarding to the new frequency or band datas.

Changing mode

You can also directly change the transmission mode by typing CW, SSB etc ... The new mode will be active as soon as the Return (or Enter) key is pressed.

Of course, this mode will have to be compatible with the rules of the chosen contest. Otherwise Win-Test will ignore this command (error detection in the field).

List of the text commands

These text commands allow a quicker access to the similar fonctions managed by the Win-Test menus.

Other text commands

For the commands MIC, NOMIC, MICWHENPLAY et NOMICWHENPLAY, note that :
- The settings are effective only in the phone mode
- When you switch to a non-phone mode (in a mixt mode contest for example), the microphone input is closed. As well, when you quit WinTest, the microphone input is closed
- The settings will not immediatly be active if the voice keyer is playing

Special command

You can now launch an external program by typing its name in the callsign field and the Ctrl-X key (stands for eXecute) to launch it. This is useful for example if you need to run a batch file while running Win-Test. This external program must be located in the Win-Test directory, or in a directory included the Windows system path.
A practical application of this new feature is to use a batch file to change sound files when you change op in a multi-op environment.
Another application could be to launch an on-demand backup on a volume different from the one specified in the backup command integrated in Win-Test.


Last update : 2005 may 25