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Win-Test FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions. It answers most of the points.

-  Is a log transfer between Win-Test and XXX (put your favorite logging software here) can be done ?

If your logging software allows imports from ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) files, no problem. If it does not manage it, ask the author of the software to support it, or use another software.

-  Do I have to set my machine in UTC ?

No, Win-Test does care ! On the other hand, the time zone must be correctly set.

-  I’m hosting a multi-op station with several machines. Do I need to buy a licence for each of them ?

No. One licence is enough. The purchase of Win-Test authorizes his owner to use it on every machine he owns. But you will have to get a registration key for each computer.

-  I am personnaly owning a Win-Test licence. Can I install Win-Test using my key codes on the computer of my local radio club ?

No. You can bring your own computer (laptop) if you wish to operate from the radio club, even using the radio club’s callsign, but you cannot install Win-Test on a computer belonging to the radio club, using your personnal Win-Test account (licence). To install Win-Test on the (or one of the) computer(s) of the radio club, this one should have it’s own licence

-  I want to enter a post-contest log in Win-Test. How can I enter the date and the time of QSO ?

Win-test is not really adapted to that. You should try to type while contesting. You should make it very quickly. However, it is possible to use the "Edit/Date and time of the QSO" menu (Alt+F shortcut).

-  There is no CW signal on the parallel port.

Check, in the interface setting, that the parallel port adress is correctly set. If you use WinNT/2000/XP, check also if DLPORTIO.SYS is installed. If not, you can find it here.

-  When using CW with WT, it sometimes chokes. What can I do ?

It is advised in this case to stop the execution of some programs which are not essential to you during the contest. In particular antivirus softwares. Moreover, under some OS (WinNT, Win2K or WinXP), and if possible, logging with an administrator account is advised.

-  Can I set myself a contest in Win-Test ?

Currently, it is not possible. Win-test is designed to fit contests to the closest. Each competition has its specificities, and rather than to make an universal tool , the author prefers WT to support less contests, but better than the other existing softwares.

-  I have a question. How can I do ?

Use the mailing list.

-  I asked a question directly to the author and I did not have an answer !

Bad choice. Use the mailing list instead.

-  I would like such and such features !

Suggest them ! With the mailing list. We will then see what we can do...

-  Where can I read the archives of this mailing list you do not stop talking about ?

You can read the public archives of the mailing list here.

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