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They are satisfied with Win-Test

All "big guns" or a "little pistols" users agree together : Win-Test rocks !

February 2007 : EA8AH (op. OH1RY, OH2BP, YL3DW and YL1ZF) breaks the CQ WPX RTTY M/2 record with Win-Test

November 2006 : CT1BOH (@CT3NT) is #1 World in the CQWW DX CW SOAB

October 2006 : FY5KE (op. F1HAR, F5HRY, F5LND, F5MZN, F6FGZ et FY5FY) is #1 World in the CQWW DX SSB M/S with Win-Test

Octobre 2006 : W2GD (@P40W) is #1 World in the CQWW DX SSB SOAB with Win-Test

Mai 2006 : W2GD (@P40W) is #1 World in the CQWW WPX CW TB-SE with Win-Test

March 2006 : FY5KE (op. F1HAR, F5HRY and F5MZN) is #1 World in the ARRL DX SSB M/S

November 2005 : CT1BOH (@CT3EN) and W2GD (@P40W) are #1 and #2 World in the CQWW DX CW SOAB

October 2005 : FY5KE (op. F1HAR, F5HRY, F5LND, F5MZN and I4UFH) is #1 World in the CQWW DX SSB M/S

August 2005 : A61AJ (op DL1MGB, DL4MCF, DJ2MX and DL6RAI) breaks the WAEDC CW M/S HP world record with Win-Test

July 2005 : TM7C wins the IOTA contest 2005 (IOTA FIX MS MIX 24H LP) with Win-Test

July 2005 : CT1BOH (@CT3EN) breaks the IARU HF CW SOAB HP world record with Win-Test

February 2004 : F5MZN (@FY5KE) breaks one more time the ARRL CW SOAB QRP world record with Win-Test

February 2003 : F5MZN (@FY5KE) breaks the ARRL CW SOAB QRP world record with Win-Test

-  José CT1BOH :

Win-Test is definitely a next generation contest logging software, and with an EZ-Master attached, advanced SO2R is possible, surely, a dream come true, for the serious contester.

-  Fabio I4UFH (EZ-Master creator and IR4T team member) :

It’s the best port of CT-like programs... Congrats !!!

-  Alex, VE3NEA (author of HamCAP, supported by Win-Test) :

Great software ! I like the idea of having a familiar DOS-style qso window in a GUI application, and I am sure many contesters will like it too.

-  John, VK6NU :

Nice program which I’m sure will be a big favourite among contest operators (...)

(...) I think it is an excellent program which will only get better and is very simple to set up and use.

-  Al NH7A :

Have used the program for over a year in most major contests and it has been a pleasure to use. It has lots of windows that you setup to your liking and the visual impact is very nice.

-  Jess W8JY :

I have used CT as my contesting program for years, and always thought it was all I would ever want. Win-Test has certainly changed my mind about that !

This is one truly amazing program. I have always worked contests as SO unassisted, but I think I will have to operate the next one as assisted just to play with the packet cluster spots.

This program is a real bargain, and certainly exceeds my expectations.

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