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Licence and right to use

Licence and fees

Win-Test is a software distributed directly by its creators as a shareware. Therefore, you are allowed to use a trial version of Win-Test over a 2-weeks period. At the end of this period, if you wish to continue using Win-Test, you must pay a licence fee to the Win-Test authors. Only the trial version can be copied and freely transfered. After the payment of licence fee, you will obtain a registration key, enabling the full use of Win-Test.


The updates are free until the version 3 (excluded) and at least over a period of one year, starting at payment of licence fee.

Registration key usage

Each registration key is unique, strictly personal and confidential. It is not permitted to reveal or transmit by any means either the registration key or the software, except the trial version. Use of illegally obtained registration key can lead to prosecution on basis of copyright legislation. Use of shareware is only permitted on one computer at a time. Nonetheless, for multi-operators contests purpose, it is permitted to use Win-Test on one computer per station. Please note that a registering key will be needed for each computer.


Despite all tests, the creators cannot guarantee against minor malfunctions. They cannot be held responsibles for any problem resulting from using Win-Test.

Limits of responsability / Incompatibility

There is a great diversity of equipment, software and systems available ; some of them may not be fully compatible ; the creators of Win-Test therefore have the obligation to provide a software compatible with a computer with the following minimum specifications : Pentium 166 MHz processor, 32 Mo RAM, 500 Mo hard disk, 256 colors SVGA screen, standard two-button mouse, 101-key keyboard, Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP operating system.

Obligations of creators

Normal operation of Win-Test, on an equipment with above similar specifications, or assumed to have the same specifications, cannot be guaranteed. No refund can be obtained on the basis of incompatibility, if user has been able to use the free trial version of Win-Test. If the full version would appear incompatible, although the trial version proved to be compatible, creators of Win-Test have the obligation to pay potential damages, in the limit of Win-Test licence fee, if no correcting patch has been provided for by the creators. In case of an undetected bug in the trial phase, creators of Win-Test have promise to provide to the users a debugged version as soon as possible.

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