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Win-Test 2.12.0 is out !
vendredi 11 mars 2005

This new version comes with the RSGB Commonwealth contest (BERU) now implemented. [Note : This contest is only opened to Commonwealth stations]. Also, several bugs reported during the last ARRL DX SSB are now fixed.

For information, several new databases are also available in the http://download.win-test.com/databases/ directory. The database to use for the Commonwealth contest (including some HQ stations) is located in the RSGB_CMW.ZIP archive.

Here is the release file :

2.12.0 (Mar 11, 2005)

-  Bugfix : external voice keyer controlled through the LPT port was not working anymore since the advanced SO2R mode. Fixed.

-  Bugfix : random program crash when exiting (especially with the internal VoiceKeyer activated).

-  RSGB Commonwealth Contest (BERU) added.

-  REF HF : When working a French overseas station, default exchange is now set to his prefix. Tnx F5LIW.

-  Kenwood rigs : WT now follows the mode changes for RTTY. Tnx F5LIW.

-  Bandmaps and statistics windows display improved to avoid tabs flickering with slower machines. Tnx FY5KE.

-  Bugfix : A memory leak in graphical objects was leading WT to a violent crash under stressed environments (especially Win98). Tnx FY5KE, M0CLW.

-  Bugfix : Internal voice keyer : Playing a Fx message which has not been recorded caused the voice keyer to hang. You had to stop (Esc) the non-existent file ( !) to get back control. Tnx F5LIW.

-  Bugfix : Bandmaps : In some conditions, callsigns were not displayed in the bandmap window. Tnx FY5KE.

-  Bugfix : In some conditions, WT was violently crashing when exiting.

-  Bugfix : UBA Contest (Non-ON side only) : Some countries were wrongly considered as members of the EEC. Tnx F5IN.

2.11.0 (Feb 28, 2005)

-  Bugfix : QSY done on the second radio in SO2R mode was not working until at least one QSO is logged.

-  Bugfix : Various fixes with the SO2R advanced mode in SSB.

-  New "List" tab added in the radios windows to display spots in lists. See the appropriate contextual menu for options. You can even sort this list by heading (Tnx W5GN).

-  A new menu item allows to modify spot callsigns if it is busted. This item is available in the contextual menus attached to the spots window (Alt-A) and the radios windows.

-  Contextual popup menus management modified when using floating child windows. Tnx VK6NU.

-  Several typos and grammar fixes in the English version. Many thanks to M0CLW.

-  Confirmation dialog added when deleting a spot.

-  Bugfix : In some circonstances, the timestamp of a note was incorrect.

-  Bugfix : Sun icons weren’t displayed if SR or SS hour was 0000z.

-  Bugfix : CQWW 160 : The avg column of the summary window (Alt-S) was a bit narrow.

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