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Win-Test 2.13.5 released
jeudi 24 mars 2005

This release comes with 3 contests added : Helvetia, 9KCC and UBA Spring contests. Several features are also added and some bugfixes.

Here is the release file :

2.13.5 (Mars 18, 2005)

-  Bugfix : Again a split mode problem fixed with the Orion. Tks W8JY & W5GN.

-  Helvetia Contest added. Tnx F5IN, F6HJO.

-  9KCC Contest 15m added.

-  UBA Spring 80m, 6m and 2m contests added.

-  General : In most of the displayed modal dialogs to set parameters or options, you can now still use the Fx keys to play messages. However, it will not work with dialogs which act on hardware (interfaces, etc...). Tnx FY5KE.

-  Bugfix : Still some problem with the WX0B interface. Mny tks to S51TA !

-  Bugfix : Split mode with the Orion RIG fixed. Tks W8JY and W5GN.

-  Split frequency dialog box (-) : it is now possible to enter only the last digits of the split frequency. For example, entering 249 will get the radio programmed to xx249 in the current band. Tks W5GN.

-  Bugfix : In some condition, when activating the Automatic CQ repeat mode, the keyer was transmitting to the wrong radio. Fixed. Tks GM0GAV.

-  Radios windows : New option in bandmap and list displays : You can save some screen space in displaying the kHz only of the frequencies.

-  Bugfix : the stereo bit available on the LPT1 always remained to 1. Tks GM0GAV.

-  Bugfix : SHIFT+F (used to play a message to the secondary radio) was not working properly with the WX0B SO2R interface. Tks S51TA.

-  Statistics (Ctrl-F9) and radios windows : A left click on tabs now brings these windows to the front.

-  Packet window (Alt-O) : You can now set a timeout on the packet data stream. If there is no activity after this time, a warning will be issued in the main window.

-  Radio windows - Bandmaps : A grey marker (same color as the VFO display background) is now displayed for the inactive VFO frequency. And if it’s right on a spot freq, its callsign background is set to the same color.

-  Bugfix : Internal voiceKeyer : Every Fx message was blocking further use of the same Fx message ! Tnx S51TA

-  Bugfix : Secondary radio display : The callsign field wasn’t correctly rendered with small fonts.

-  Bugfix : RSGB Commonwealth contest : In some conditions, multipliers window (Alt-M) bookmarks didn’t work well.

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