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Win-Test 2.14.4 is out !
vendredi 6 mai 2005

This new version mainly fixes various bugs and is now compliant with the new rules for the V/UHF REF contest (contest between F stations counts now 4 pts / kilometers) and the YU DX Contest. Please find the release file below :

2.14.4 (May 5, 2005)

-  REF THF Contest : WT is now compliant with the new rules 2005 (F/TK stations worked from F/TK counts 4 pts/km).

-  Bugfix : still a problem with the Split mode on Icom radios with double vfo. Fixed. Tks W5GN & EA3IN.

-  Bugfix : communication with IC-735 was not working. To be tested ! Tks DJ5MW.

-  Secondary radio window redrawn. Tks CT1BOH.

-  Commands (like frequency QSY, mode change, ...) can now be entered in the callsign field of the secondary radio as well.

-  Bugfix : switching modes with shift/ctrl/F1/F2 wasn’t working in the secondary radio window. Fixed. Tks DJ5MW.

-  Bugfix : in EZMaster, the "control interface of Radio 2" was not working until the "control interface of Radio 1" was enabled. Fixed.

-  For safety reason, bands changing when the transmitter is ON is locked by WT. However, if one uses an EZMaster, one can now (in SO2R mode) change the band of the radio which is not transmitting. This is only possible with an EZMaster because it carries out a check by itself regarding this, which makes this handling safe. Tks I4UFH.

2.14.0 (April 14, 2005)

-  Bugfix : Main and sub VFOs was inverted in split mode with various Icom radio (IC-756Pro, ...). Tks W5GN & I4UFH.

-  Added rigs : Icom IC-756proIII, Tentec Omni VI.

-  Bugfix : IC756 address fixed. Tks F6IFY.

-  YU DX Contest : WT is now compliant with the new rules 2005. Tnx F5IN and YT1NT/VA3TTN.

-  WPX : Mults Window (Alt-M) : The "copy as text" menu item now works.

-  Status window (Alt-J) : You can now display Radio 1 frequencies only, to save some screen space. Tnx M0CLW.

-  To avoid unwanted behaviour, grabbing a spot from the spot list (Alt-A) or the radio bandmaps is now allowed only if the cursor is located on the last line of the log. Tnx M0CLW @ G6PZ.

-  Radio windows : Spot list tab : Scrolling capability added. Tnx W8JY.

-  Bugfix : RDXC : The /MM stations are no more counting for DXCC mults.

-  Bugfix : RDXC : Typo in the CTY_OBL.DAT file. UA4C and UA4D callsigns were resolved as an unknown "EU" oblast instead of "SA". This file is updated in the Win-Test download site, in the /databases directory.

-  Bugfix : Mixed category - Networked M/* : After editing a logged QSO, the networked stations might get a wrong Rcvd report if they were not set in the same mode as the edited QSO. Tnx M0CLW @ G6PZ.

-  Bugfix : Mixed category : When grabbing a spot from the radios or the spots windows, the default reports were not adapted if required by a mode change.

-  Bugfix : RDXC : The sent serial wasn’t displayed in the log. It was very annoying if you wanted to edit it ! Tnx M0CLW @ G6PZ.

-  Bugfix : WAEDC : The sent serial wasn’t displayed in the log and you were not able to edit it.

-  Bugfix : DXPed logs : The default CW F2/F3 messages included a $ZONE variable which is irrelevant for a DXPed log. Tnx M0CLW.

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