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Win-Test 2.18.3 is out !
jeudi 14 juillet 2005

Several improvements, especially for the IARU HF and the IOTA contest, and small bugfixes for this new release.

Here is the release file :

2.18.3 (July 10, 2005)

-  Bugfix : IARU HF : QSO logged with your own callsign gives no more credit points.

-  Bugfix : flood on the COM port when used to connected a packet radio TNC.


-  Bugfix : HQ release (internal). Tks F8CRH.

-  Solar activity window : You can now open or close all charts in a row by holding the Shift key down while clicking on one of the handles.

2.18.1 (July 3, 2005)

-  Bugfix : the Antenna relay outputs (BDC) on each of the W5XD keyer DB25 terminals were inverted between Radio Left and Radio Right. Fixed. Tks VE3EY, F6IFY and F8CRH.

-  Bugfix : wrong buffered speed handling with WinKey. Fixed. Tks OM7ZZ.

-  Bugfix : pressing F5 ($LOGGEDCALL variable) was not working properly with WinKey. Fixed. Tks GM0VRP and GM4FDM.

-  Bugfix : the advanced SO2R mode was not working as expected. NB : The $TR1 and $TR2 variables are not supported yet with the MK. Tks F8CRH.

-  Bugfix : again a problem with IC-735. Tks G3SQX and DL2LAR.

-  Bugfix : Alt-P (Private gabs) may be sent to the wrong station if the status window (Alt-J) was sorted by freq. Tnx F6FGZ.

-  Bugfix : After a double click on a station name in the status window (Alt-J) and sending a private mail, WT sometimes crashed.

-  Back Office : In floating windows mode only, and under some circonstances,the contextual menus openings sometimes failed. New experimental code introduced.

-  Bugfix : ARRL V/UHF contests : Grabbing spots was leading to a major crash.

-  RAC Contests (Canadian Day and Winter) : CY0 and CY9 stations weren’t considered as Canadian stations.

-  CW speed dialog (Alt-V) : PgUp and PgDown arrows increase and decrease CW speed by 2 wpm increments. Up and Down arrows increase and decrease CW speed by 1 wpm increments.

-  Bugfix : Check partial window (F12) : Under special circonstances, the "In log only" option failed. Tnx G4BUO.

-  Bugfix : IOTA contest : It was not possible to edit the serial number sent.

-  IOTA contest : The packet data stream is now parsed and any valid IOTA ref. specified in the comment area is taken into account for multiplier checking. Tnx ON6QR.

-  Bandmaps : IOTA contest : New IOTA are now displayed in green color.

-  Bugfix : The CONTEST-NAME Cabrillo line in the RSGB IOTA contest was mispelled. Tnx F5VIH/SV3SJ.

-  Bugfix : The CW text commands introduced in 2.3.0 (NOCUT, SEMICUT, FULLCUT and PROCUT) didn’t work anymore. Tnx F5HRY.

-  REF DDFM 50 MHz : Mult indicators field now displays new gridsquare (L) and/or new French dpt (D).

-  Text commands : MAKELOG added. Equivalent to WRITELOG.

-  Bugfix : REF DDFM 50 MHz : Claimed score in the REG1TEST .EDI output file was not correct. Tnx F4EGZ.

-  Bugfix : REF DDFM 50 MHz : The French dpts window (Alt-Z) was 0-sized and empty.

-  Bugfix : REF DDFM 50 MHz : The ADIF output file export failed.

-  Bugfix : ARRL 10m : The ADIF output file was reporting empty gridsquares (irrelant in this contest), and bad sent reports if you were located in the US/VE side.

-  Checkmult (F10) and checkcall (F9) windows : If the Tools / Exchange guessing menu is set to Automatic or timed out, the update settings of these two windows are now displayed as "automatic". Tnx OH4JFN.

-  Log : Columns headers added. You can hide or display them with the Options / Log display / Hide headers menu, or the following text commands : NOHEADERS (or HEADERSOFF or HIDEHEADERS) and HEADERS (or HEADERSON or SHOWHEADERS). Tnx F6BGC.

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