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Win-Test 2.19.4 is released !
mardi 30 août 2005

Many improvements, especially for the WAE contest, for this new version. This release follows 4 experimental beta versions.

Release file :

2.19.4 (August 26, 2005)

-  WAE contest : arrow-keys navigate between the lines in the QTC Receive window. Tks DJ5MW and DL3NCI.

-  WAE contest : keyboard shortcut added on the "To station" button (Alt+S) and on the "QTC" (Alt+Q) button. Tks DL3NCI.

-  WAE contest : bugfix : when within the QTC receiving/transmitting window the Alt-K keyboard CW was broken. Fixed. Tks I2WIJ.

-  WAE contest : bugfix (DX side) : in certain conditions, a QTC was sent twice. Tks DL1MGB and the BCC team @A61AJ.

-  WAE contest : bugfix (DX side) : in certain conditions, the counter for total QTCs available on stock was out of sync. Tks DL6RAI and the BCC team @A61AJ.

-  WAE contest (DX side) : The QTC group numbers which was sent before are now visible in the "QTC transmit" window. Tks DL6RAI and the BCC team @A61AJ.

-  Added a way to swap the frequency of radio 1 with the frequency of radio 2. See the menu "Swap frequency of both radios" in the "Command" menu, or use the text command "SWAP" in the logged callsign field. Tks CT1BOH.

-  YO DX Contest : QSO with own country is now credited with 1 point (2005 rules change). Tnx ON5GQ.

-  Packet commands dlg : All typed commands are stored in a buffer. You can recall up the last 10 sent commands by using the up and down arrows keys.

-  Bandmap wnds : WAE contest : New options to display available QTC in both tabs. Tnx DK4YJ and DL3NCI.

-  Bandmap wnds : Dupes and invalid callsigns are displayed in bold italics font when either VFO is right on the freq. Tnx OK2FD.

-  Log edit fields : Feature request #39. When a question mark character (’ ?’) is entered in an edit field, the cursor will be automatically positioned to this character when moving to this field by spacebar or tab or ">". Tnx I4UFH.

-  Bugfix : In Multi-Op setup some windows weren’t updated at once when a QSO came from the network. Tnx DL6RAI @A61AJ.

-  Bugfix : Rate wnd (Alt-R) : WAE contest : Pts per QSO and pts per mult were wrong. Tnx OK2FD.

-  Bugfix : In the ARRL U/VHF and CQWW VHF contest, using the all modes category was leading to a major crash. Tnx K1EP.

2.19.3-beta (August 12, 2005) [Not released]

-  WAE contest : bugfix (DX side) : it is not allowed anymore to send QTC on dupe QSOs. Tks BCC team @A61AJ.

2.19.2-beta (August 11, 2005)

-  WAE contest : in ALT-L window "QTC Receiving", hitting ENTER (CR) on the last raw of the table was sending TU and close the window. It is now necessary to explicitly validate the QTCs. That way, the operator can have a last check before closing the window. Tks I2WIJ.

-  WAE contest : bugfix : when you type ctrl-enter (by accident) while the QTC-window is open, the window closes itself and all QTCs go into nirvana. Tks DJ5MW.

-  WAE contest : bugfix : QTC groups was not managed properly through the network. Tks DL6RAI and the BCC groups at A61AJ.

-  Main wnd : New options in the Options / Log display / Headers sub-menu to set left or centered alignment. Tnx G0VGS.

-  Main wnd : Spots warnings : New option to hide dupes and invalid callsigns.

-  EU HF Championship : Band changes (including mode changes for the Mixed category) are now displayed in the Rate (Alt-R) wnd. Tnx M0CLW.

-  CheckPartial (F12) wnd : New options in the contextual menu to allow one to start searches when two chars only are entered in the callsign field. You can also use this feature for searching in-log calls only, too. Tnx HB9CZF and G4BUO.

-  RDA Contest : The packet data stream is now parsed and any valid RDA ref. specified in the comment area is taken into account for multiplier checking.

-  Bugfix : IOTA Contest : The warning message located beneath the callsign field for a new IOTA extracted from the packet stream announced "New country" instead of "New IOTA". Tnx F5JSD and M0CLW.

-  Bugfix : RDA Contest : Summary wnd (Alt-S) : The avg pts column was too narrow to display numbers >= 10.00.

-  Bugfix : EU HF Championship and REF Contest : The 00 multiplier was no more considered and displayed as worked in the "Zones" wnd (Alt-Z).

2.19.1-beta (August 1st, 2005)

-  WAE contest : added more information on the QTC status in the second warning line (below the log). Tks DL6RAI.

-  WAE contest : in the Alt+L QTC window, the lines which correspond to the QTC counts that are going to be received (according to the group of QTC entered by the operator) are now colored in a light green. This will help the operator to see when he logged all the QTC, especially when the group of QTC is not 10. Tks I2WIJ.

-  WAE contest : Option | WAEDC : added an option to display more informations about the QTC status in the second warning line below the log. Tks DL6RAI.

-  WAE contest : some modifications in the ALT+L window. Added the CW variable $GRNR (send gr/num of the received QTC) *only* available for the messages of the ALT+L window. NB ; these messages can be changed in the WT.INI file if necessary. Tks I2WIJ.

-  CW : $SERIAL now sends the previous serial number only when the callsign *and* the rcvd report (*and* the extra info if relevant) are all empty. Tnx HB9CZF.

-  Bugfix : Solar data : When asking WWV or WCY data from DX cluster with SH/WWV or SH/WCY commands, only the current day was considered. Tnx F1HAR.

-  Bugfix : IOTA Contest : Summary wnd (Alt-S) : The avg pts column was too narrow to display numbers >= 10.00.

2.19.0-beta (July 20, 2005)

-  Bugfix : bugged epilogue detection in EZMaster fixed. This will speed up radio polling. Tks I4UFH.

-  WAE contest : when a station is a new mult the program now says "new country" instead of "new prefix" for DX side participants. Tks DL1MGB.

-  WAE contest : the message "QTC OK" is now replaced by "QTC needed" or "QTC available". Tks DJ5MW.

-  WAE contest : available/needed QTC is now displayed even if the logged callsign is a dupe. Tks DJ5MW, DL1MGB.

-  WAE contest : added a confirmation popup window to ask the operator if he’s really sure to abort a QTC series.

-  WAE contest : bugfix : when operating DX-side, logging a non EU station was messing up the internal QTC database. Fixed. Tks DL1MGB and DL6RAI.

-  WAE contest : the transmitted QTC number can now be changed on the fly in the "Transmitting QTC" dialog box, just clicking on the "QTC" button. Tks DL1MGB, DL6RAI.

-  WAE contest : while transmitting the QTCs, [INS] is now additionally moving down to the next QTC line so that when a QTC is confirmed by the receiving station, you just press [INS] again to continue. When all QTC are sent, pressing again [INS] will send the [+] message (TU) and validate. Tks DL6RAI.

-  WAE contest : added a "S" shortcut in the "Choose the desired number of QTC you want to send" (CTRL+L) window to "Show (only)" the QTC with a station. That way, you can check or reopen the "Transmit QTC" window for a station even if there is no more QTC available with this station. Tks DL6RAI.

-  RateSheet (Ctrl-F9) : WAEDC : Two new data types can now be displayed in the data and objectives tabs : "QSO + QTC w/ dupes" and "QSO + QTC w/o dupes". Of course, they are only available within a WAEDC log. Tnx DL6RAI.

-  Text commands : RELOADNOW and REOPENNOW added. They mimic the RELOAD (or REOPEN) commands, but do not display the contest configuration dialog.

-  DX cluster dlg : Alt-T : Feature request #40 : You can now choose the DX cluster type you’re connected to with the Options / DX cluster shortcuts / Syntax menu items. The syntax of the sent ommands with the shortcut buttons will be adapted accordingly. Tnx I4UFH.

-  DX cluster dlg : Alt-T : You can now set the spots count for all band shortcuts buttons with the Options / DX cluster shortcuts / Spots count menu items.

-  DX cluster dlg : Alt-T : You can now set the solar informations count for WWV and WCY shortcuts buttons with the Options / DX cluster shortcuts / Solar infos count menu items.

-  Reverse zone check (Shift-F10) : Feature request #52 : When it is applicable, the DXCC countries having the specified zone in the callsign field are displayed in the first line of the window. Note that "official pfx" only are displayed (and not the exceptions). Tnx I4UFH.

-  Text commands : Feature request #43 : You can now enter the kHz only of the current band. To avoid conflict with band changes, you can set the priority to the band or the frequency.

Example : You’re on 20 meters, and enter "15" (Enter).

  • If the priority is set to the band, you will QSY to 15 meters. To move to 14015 you can use "015" or "15." (Enter).
  • If the priority is set to the freq, you will move to 14015. To QSY to 15 meters, you can use "15M" (Enter).

To set priority, use the Tools / Entering data / Priority menu. By default, the priority is set to the band. Tnx I4UFH.

-  CW : You can now enable or disable the call correction when validating with the Options / CW / Correction / Disabled menu, or by using the CORRECT or NOCORRECT text commands. By default, the call correction is enabled. Tnx DL1MGB.

-  CW : Feature request #47. Smart call correction introduced. It can be enabled with the Options / CW / Correction / Smart correction menu, or by using the SMARTCORRECT (or SMART) or NOSMARTCORREC (note the missing trailing T) (or NOSMART) text commands. This feature has to be improved, especially for complicated callsigns like G/F6FVY/P, or SP1ABC/M/2 etc... By default, this feature is disabled. Tnx OH4JFN.

-  Network : INVENTORY (or INV) text command added to request all connected WT to send their version number. Additionnaly, the propagation delay is calculated and displayed.

-  Bugfix : General : When Win-Test was started with no log opened, many (if not all) keystrokes were leading to a major crash. Tnx DL6RAI.

-  Bugfix : CW : Internal keyer : Bug report #51. Half baud gap insertion (the ^ character) code revisited. The ^ char now pauses during one 1/2 dot duration. You can now chain several ^ characters if needed.

Ex : "AA" leaves a standard 3 dot long pause between the two A’s. "A^A" leaves a 3.5 dot long pause. "A^^A" leaves a 4 dot long pause, etc...


-  Bugfix : IOTA Contest and several other contests : QSO logged with your own callsign gives no more credit points.

-  Bugfix : Notes : Alt-N : If you entered a note on a blank QSO line, the note was attached to the previous QSO. Now, it is attached to the last QSO *you* worked. Tnx TM0HQ.

-  Bugfix : IARU Contest : Bug #44. Points credit miscalculated when working your own country, but with different ITU zone. Tnx KD6WW.

-  Bugfix : Opening an incompatible contest type log in a networked WT might lead to a major crash.

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