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Win-Test 2.22.0 is out !
vendredi 23 décembre 2005

"Christmas special edition" for Win-Test ! This new version includes four new implemented contests, with the DARC Xmas and a new VHF+ DXPedtion mode. The CW smart correction function is also enhanced, and many new features were added.

Season’s greetings !

You can find below the release file :

2.22.0 (December 21, 2005)

-  AGCW Happy New Year contest added. Needs the AGCW.DAT file. The associated database is AGCW_HNY.DTB. Tnx F5TNI, F5IN & OM7ZZ.

-  Stew Perry contest : The points column header was named "Mult" instead of "Pts" by error.

-  Russian 160m contest added. Tnx F5IN and RU3AX.

-  DARC Xmas contest added. Needs the DOK_XMAS.DAT file. Uses the WAG_DL.DTB database. Tnx DL6RAI.

-  EU Sprint and DARC Xmas contests : The stats window is limited to one day only. Tnx DL6RAI.

-  Added a DXPedition mode for VHF and above.

-  Added an option to show/hide an "Info" field for the DXPedition mode. That can be useful to enter such miscellaneous informations like the operator’s name or QTH.

  • See in the "option" menu. The operator can select which key can be used to access this field between SPACEBAR, "<" (or ">") and TAB. The "<" and ">" keys are actually always active.

-  Bugfix : IC751/761/781 was not getting frequecy from the radio. Tks I4UFH.

-  Bugfix : with old Icom radios, it is necessary to send the MODE change before the FREQUENCY change for QSYing on a new frequency from the software. Tks I4UFH.

-  Bugfix : the position of the cursor in a field was not memorized when pressing the space bar to switch to the next field. Fixed.

-  Bugfix : In SO1R technique, SHIFT F1/F2/... commands were routing the messages to the secondary radio which is of course not correct. Fixed. Tks I4UFH.

-  The summary broadcasting frames now contain a transactionID to maintain consistency among all the received frames for the client applications. The specifications of these frames have been updated in the document located here :


A new network version (1.10) has been then released.

-  The summary SCORE frame now includes the TIME-ON value, expressed in minutes. See the new specs in the link above.

-  WAG Contest : Databases associated with this contest have been created :

  • WAG_DL.DTB for the German side of the contest
  • WAG_DX.DTB for the DX side of the contest

These databases are available in the usual directory : http://download.win-test.com/databases/

-  DXPed mode : The CheckCountry window (F10) now displays the current country status on other bands. To check if the current callsign has been worked on the other bands and modes, use the CheckCallsign window (F9). Tnx F5JSD.

-  CheckCallsign wnd (F9) : Worked bands and modes count of the current callsign is now displayed in the top-left area of the window.

-  Log window : After using the tab key to jump to the sent RST, the cursor is now positionned on the S part of the report.

-  CW : SmartCorrection : If the modified suffix has one letter only, the whole callsign is sent. Tnx ops @ TM2Y.

-  CW : SmartCorrection : If the original and the modified suffixes both include "/" characters and they only differ after the slash character, this remaining part will be sent.

Ex : Original = SP1AAA/2 - Modified = SP1AAA/3 => "/3" will be sent only.

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