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Win-Test 2.24.0 is out !
mardi 17 janvier 2006

The main purpose of this release was to include the NRAU Baltic contest, the HA DX contest, and to fix some recent annoying bugs.

Please find below the release file :

2.24.0 (January 13, 2006)

-  NRAU Baltic Contest added. The associated database is NRAU_BALTIC.DTB. Tnx SM0W and SM3CER.

-  HA DX Contest added. Tnx F5IN and HA1TJ.

-  DXped HF and VHF : Objectives files features disabled.

-  Network : WT now warns when a new computer on the network is not set in the same mode category (CW, Phone, Mixed, etc.) as the others.

-  SSB VuMeter : You can now modify its size by using the usual Ctrl + MouseWheel. Totally useless, but funny !

-  WinKey is now calibrated. That would get the speed of the generated CW more accurate.

-  Bugfix : CW half abbreviation : Only the leading zeroes are translated to T signs. Tnx G4IRN.

-  Bugfix : RSGB AFS : The contest name in the Cabrillo file (and the summary) was wrong. Tnx G4IRN.

-  Bugfix : Contests of the month filter was not working as expected. Tnx GM4AFF and F5VIH/SV3SJ.

-  Bugfix : Displaying the marks of the zone window (Alt-Z) was leading to a major crash.

-  Bugfix : Some IC751/761/781 were not getting frequency from the radio.

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