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Win-Test 2.28.0 is out !
jeudi 23 février 2006

New contests added, IC 7000 management, skeds code rewritten, and many new features for this new version.

Please find below the release file :

2.28.0 (Feb 22, 2006)

-  Added IC-7000 support.

-  The WinKey PTT of the EZMaster does now work as well even when using the internal Win-Test CW keyer. Tks OH2UA/CU2A and I4UFH.

-  New setting in Options / Spots warnings to get a warning when you’re spotted.

-  Self-spot detector enabled.

2.27.0 (Feb 18, 2006)

-  Improved a bit WinKey when the "independent speed" is not enabled.

-  New European Generic 50/70/VHF/UHF (without mult) contest added. Tnx G4BUO.

-  New European Generic 50/70/VHF/UHF (mults = gridsquares) contest added.

-  Sked window code totally rewritten. It now has the same look’n feel as the other child windows, with the font options etc...

-  Skeds are checked against each entered QSO, and deleted if needed. Tnx DL8WAA.

-  A warning is now displayed 5 mins before a sked (and the sked window pops up if it was closed), or when a station is passed.

-  The spot bandwiths for each mode are now adjustable in the Properties dialog of the bandmaps. Tnx DL6RAI, DK4YJ and several others !

-  Keyboard mode (Alt-K) : Alt-K (or Return/Enter) now closes the dialog, The Escape keys stops transmission, and Alt-F9/F10 (speed down/up) are allowed. Tnx DK4WA.

-  Bandmap window : In the graphical view, display options added to show headings (LP is optional). Tnx YT1XX.

-  Validity controls strengthened in callsigns and frequency edit fields.

-  Bugfix : is SO2R avanced mode, changing the active scenario using AltGR+number was getting the logged callsign wiped out. Fixed. Tks OH2UA.

-  Bugfix : PACC contest : QSO are now allowed only once per band. Tnx DK2PH.

2.26.2 (Feb 11, 2006)

-  PACC Contest implementation rewritten to fit to the current rules. Tnx F5IN.

-  Bugfix : On file opening, the CheckPartial wnd (F12) wasn’t properly sized. Tnx F5TVL, F8DBF.

2.26.1 (Feb 10, 2006)

-  Notice for EZMaster users : this version best works with at least firmware 1.37.

-  Bugfix : LPT address port was always 0x378 regardless the address defined in the LPT configuration dialog. Tks YT1XX/YT5T.

-  Bugfix : PACC Contest was broken. Tnx DM9CM.

-  Bugfix : Graphical resources leak found in BandMap windows code, which could lead to unexpected bahaviour in tight environments (especially under Win98). Tnx F6HJO and ON5GQ.

2.26.0-beta (Feb 3, 2006)

-  FOC Marathon added. The associated database is FOC_MARATHON.DTB. Tnx EI5DI, SM6BGA, G4BUO

-  Bugfix : The internal voice keyer was not working properly until the "CW and PTT (pin 17 and 17)" option was ticked in the "LPT1 properties" dialog box. Tks G4BUO.

-  Bugfix : Cabrillo import module for the ARRL Sweepstakes was missing.

-  Bugfix : Using the * key to swap active radio when TXing was delayed. Tks F8CRH.

-  Bugfix : With an EZMaster used in CW, the ESC key was not reverting the headphone status to the initial value. Tks G3BJ and F8CRH.

-  Bugfix : the halfspace character (^) was not working with WinKey. Tks OH4JFN and K1EL.

-  Bugfix : Pressing the frontpanel A/B button of the EZMaster is now detected by Win-Test. Tks F5TNI.

-  Pressing ESC in the advanced SO2R "Alternate CQ" scenario now switches back as active the radio primary radio. Tks F5TNI.

-  Bugfix : The SSB VuMeter works again.

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