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Version 3 release of Win-Test !
vendredi 14 juillet 2006

The Win-Test team is very pleased to inform you of the first release of the so-awaited version 3 of Win-Test.

Even if all dreamed and scheduled features are not yet implemented in this very first version 3, it includes these major new developments :

-  RTTY support : Based on the MMTTY package (which must be installed separately), the 2-radios RTTY windows now allow you to take part in the RTTY contests with the same user experience as CW and Phone contests.

-  Windows colors customization : Every color in the child windows can now be modified and saved on-the-fly. It means you instantaneously see the window aspect as you modify colors. No "try and see", nor numerous "apply" ! Of course, you can always revert to the factory settings if needed for one or all colors of the considered window.

-  Log synchronization : Based on a peer-to-peer model, opened logs can be synchronized between all stations on-the-fly, without need of a central server. If new stations come in the network during a contest, their logs are automatically updated. Of course, you still can run and enter QSOs even if the sync is in progress.

-  Partner window : Very useful in multi-op environment, if you have 2 ops (or more) listening the same frequency : The partner(s) can easily help his runner by entering callsigns (or part of callsigns) he heards.

-  Remote commands : In a networked environment, you can send text commands to one, several or all connected stations. Every sent command is acknowledged in the Gab window.

-  New log binary file format : The v2 binary format of the log files was no more adapted to add new major enhancements. Thus, we decided to expand it to allow more data per recorded QSO. The conversion to this new format is fully automatic (see Q & A below).

Future releases of the version 3 should include (no particular order) :

-  ESM mode
-  New expanded database format and associated tools
-  Roaming profiles for multi-op environment
-  ...

The version 3 is listed to 45 Euros, and the upgrade from version 2 is listed to 15 Euros. See below for free upgrade conditions.

The download, buy and register pages of our Web site for this new version will be opened only on June 28.

We remind you that collected funds by Win-Test sales are exclusively dedicated to the non-profit association RACK (Radio Amateur Club de Kourou) to help our contest activities, especially the FY5KE activation during international contests.

Q & A

Q : What is the free upgrade policy applied from v2 to v3 ?

A : We apply a one-year free upgrade policy. It means that if you bought Win-Test v2 one year ago or less (June 23 2005 or after), you are eligible for a *FREE* upgrade to version 3. In all cases, if it is your case, you will be notified by a private email to the adress you provided when you bought your WT 2 copy. Then, you will be able to download, freely install and register your v3 copy. You can also consider to make a donation if you want. (Contact sales@win-test.com)

Q : What is the upgrade policy of this new version 3 ?

A : We decided to keep the same policy as for version 2. It means that all version 3 upgrades will be free, and for one year for version 4 starting at your purchase (or update) date. This also applies for v3 free upgraded version.

Q : I bought the v3 / I bought the v3 upgrade / I’m eligible for free upgrade. Do I need to register again ?

A : *YES* ! Once the v3 is installed you need to register your v3 copy to remove the usual limitations of the WT software. If you own several computers where WT is installed you need to ask a registration key for each of them.

Q : Can I have a registered WT2 and a registered WT3 in the same installation directory ?

A : We totally discourage it. If you want to keep and use a v2, and also use a v3, it is mandatory to install each of them in a different directory. If not, after registering the v3 (see above), your v2 will be automatically un-registered. Of course, if you decide not to keep a v2, you can install your v3 and register it in the same existing directory.

Q : I’m not interested in version 3. Will you continue development on version 2 ?

A : Unfortunately not. The version 2.32.1 is the last release, and we will no more improve it. Nevertheless, we will give help for users who choosed to use it, and maintain it *only* in the case of major breaking bugs. [Breaking news : A last v2 update will be released soon to fix minor bugs]

Q : Are you still selling the version 2 ?

A : No. As the v2 will no more improve, we think it is a bad idea to keep selling a discontinued software.

Q : I have numerous log files created with v2. Are they compatible with version 3 ?

A : WT 3 will automatically convert your v2 logs to the v3 format, and save the original v2 file with the wt2 extension (mylog.wt2) if you want. This allows you to re-open this file with a WT 2 - just in case ! See above how to keep a registered v2.

Q : In a networked environment, can we mix WT v2 and WT v3 ?

A : No. As usual, you must have the same WT version on every connected computer.

Have fun with WT 3 !

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