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Win-Test version 4 is out !
mardi 7 juillet 2009

The Win-Test team is very pleased to inform you of the first release of the so-awaited version 4 of Win-Test.

Even if all dreamed and scheduled features are not yet implemented in this very first version 4.0.0, it already includes these major new developments :

-  Rotators controls : Based on a server architecture allowing future extensions, it currently supports the following interfaces and protocols  : AlphaSpid RAK, EA4TX - RCI SE, HyGain DCU-1, Protistel and Yaesu. Allows antenna groups (stacks or on different rotors).

-  Integrated contest MP3 recorder and player.

-  ESM (Enter Sends Messages) mode. Can be mixed with the classical usage of the function keys messages. When the ESM is enabled, as the return key *can’t* be used anymore to log silently a QSO, the key combination Ctrl+Plus has been introduced and added for this purpose.

-  Variable speed for the integrated voice keyer : An exclusive Win-Test feature ! You can play your voice files at a different speed (between -20% and +70%) from the original recording speed.

-  On the fly callsign pattern check based on the K1TTT callsign.pat file (over 400 rules applied today). You are encouraged to report the author any mistakes or improvements of this file (k1ttt@arrl.net).

-  Improved F10 window with graphical indication of the sun status on both sides of the QSO.

-  Voice messages are now stored in different directories depending on the operator / log callsign and contest type.

-  Enhanced keyboard mode.

-  Data (.wt4) and notes (.not) files can be transferred thru the WT network without needing any file or directory sharing. Very convenient to gather all logs in a multi-stations environment once the contest is over.

-  Foundations of a Win-Test scripting language based on Lua (http://www.lua.org) to allow future extensions.

-  Enhanced compatibility with Vista and Seven (Auxiliary and ini files are now stored in the Application Data/Win-Test - for XP - and ProgramData/Win-Test - for Vista - hierarchy)

-  Various other small improvements you will discover by yourselves !

The version 4.0.0 is listed at 50 Euros, and the upgrade from version 3 is listed at 20 Euros (see below for free upgrade conditions).

We would like to thank our beta testers who spent much time to track bugs and malfunctions during the development : José CT1BOH, Ben DL6RAI, Werner DL4NER, Pablo EA4TX, Mike F5IN, Philippe F6IFY, Bob N6TV and Jozef OM7ZZ.

We remind you that collected funds by Win-Test sales are exclusively dedicated to the non-profit association RACK (Radio Amateur Club de Kourou) to help our contest activities, especially the FY5KE activation during international contests.

Q & A

Q : What is the free upgrade policy applied from v3 to v4 ?

A : We apply an one-year free upgrade policy. It means that if you bought Win-Test v3 one year ago or less (June 26 2008 or later), you are eligible for a *FREE* upgrade to version 4. In all cases, if you are eligible, you will be notified by a private email to the adress you provided when you bought your WT 3 copy. Then, you will be able to download, freely install and register your v4 copy. You can also consider to make a donation if you want. (Contact sales@win-test.com)

Q : What is the upgrade policy of this new version 4 ?

A : We decided to keep the same policy as for version 3. It means that all version 4 upgrades will be free, and for one year for version 5 starting at your purchase (or upgrade) date.

Q : Can I have a registered WT3 and a registered WT4 in the same installation directory ?

A : We totally discourage it. If you want to keep and use a v3, and also use a v4, it is mandatory to install each of them in a different directory. If not, after registering the v4 (see below), your v3 will be automatically un-registered. Of course, if you decide not to keep a v3, you can install your v4 and register it in the same existing directory. But note that the Win-Test auxiliary files are now installed in the Application Data\Win-Test\ directory.

Q : I bought the v4 / I bought the v4 upgrade / I’m eligible for free upgrade. Do I need to register again ?

A : *YES* ! Once the v4 is installed you need to register your v4 copy to remove the usual limitations of the WT software. If you own several computers where WT is installed you need to ask a registration key for each of them.

Q : I’m not interested in version 4. Will you continue development on version 3 ?

A : Unfortunately not. The version 3.27.0 is the last release, and we will no more improve it. Nevertheless, we will give help for users who chose to use it, and maintain it *only* in the case of major breaking bugs.

Q : Are you still selling the version 3 ?

A : No. As the v3 will not improve anymore, we think it is a bad idea to keep selling a discontinued software.

Q : I have numerous log files created with v3. Are they compatible with version 4 ?

A : WT 4 will automatically convert your v3 logs to the new v4 .wt4 format, and save the original v3 .wtb file if you want. This allows you to re-open this file with a WT 3 - just in case ! See above how to keep using a registered v3.

Q : In a networked environment, can we mix WT v3 and WT v4 ?

A : No. As usual, you must have the same WT version on every connected computer.

Have fun with WT 4 !

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