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How to... ? Why this feature... ?

To be ready on the right time !

We all experienced it : It is Friday 2345z, and after spending the last 5 hours in the towers, the contest software is launched. And it crashes ! And nothing helps ! It crashes...

To help you in these situations, we are offering the following ways of support :

-  Quick start : You are a geek ? No time to read documentation. Read this section and run (fast) !
-  Full manual : You are in the plane for your DX contest QTH ? Instead of watching an old movie, read the manual (also downloadable in pdf format). Deeply.
-  FAQ : Before formatting again your system five times in a row, read this section. It will help you in most of the cases.
-  Mailing list : The users and the author are here to help you. If a Win-Test user is QRV during the contest, there are points to be gained !
-  IRC Channel : With an IRC client, go to irc.win-test.com (alias for one of the "blitzed" community server), and join the #win-test channel. You can also come here through a web interface : http://www.blitzed.org/chat then give your callsign to join the #win-test channel.
-  Wiki : Simon M0CLW maintains an evolving documentation in a Wiki-powered site on http://docs.win-test.com. Tnx Simon !

Bug reports and features requests :

A public bug tracking system is available at the URL http://bugs.win-test.com.

Don’t hesitate to use it. You will be then automatically notified when your report will be considered by the development team.

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